Study in France at Affordable Tuition Plus English Medium

Study in France

If you are looking for an easy route to settle in Europe with possibility of gaining Permanent Residency and even Citizenship, please consider studying in France.
France is particularly a good choice for those wanting to study business and management related courses because it’s a hub for international business and management education.
Why Study In France?
  1. About 9 out of 10 international students recommend France as an ideal study destination
  2. Home for many international corporations
  3. Affordable tuition fees (especially at public universities)
  4. No need for blocked account (just bank statement is fine)
  5. Tuition payment upon arrival (majorly at public universities)
  6. Availability of part time jobs (up to 20 hrs weekly)
  7. Availability of paid internship while studying
  8. Straight forward student visa rules
  9. Two (2) years post study work permit available upon completion of studies
  10. No visa interview
  11. No need for travel history
  12. Study in English medium (at some designated institutions)
  13. Center for tourist attraction
  14. Opens you up to all other EU/Schengen countries without visa
  15. Easy pathway to permanent residence/citizenship
What Courses To Study?
Based on this advert, we are only promoting the following 2 years master’s degree programs taught in English;
  • Master in Economics
  • Master in Law
  • Master in International Management
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Information Systems
Tuition fee: averages at €3,000 EURO per year
Admissions have started since 1st week in February 2020 and the deadline for application is March 20, 2020 (less than 2 weeks to go). There may not be any extension after this date.
Admission Requirements
  • Completed application form (to be done by us online)
  • Bachelor certificate (not less than 2:2) in related courses
  • Bachelor degree transcript
  • O level WAEC or NECO certificate + scratch cards
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Data page of international passport
  • A well detailed CV
  • Two (2) reference letters
  • English proficiency certificate or letter from school to proof previous education in English medium
  • Processing/agency fee of N250,000. Application fee to school is included here. At least N150,000 must be paid before we get started, while the balance is paid upon receipt of admission offer.
If you are good with the above courses, tuition fee and admission requirements, kindly get back to us immediately for swift admission processing.
***If your preferred course is not listed here but you are interested in studying in France or may be willing to get more information regarding studying in France or any other EU/Schengen country, you will be required to first pay a consultation fee of N10,000 before we can attend to your queries. Benefit of the consultation fee among other things is that it helps you get up-to-date information about your proposed study abroad plan, and you will be able to make quick decisions afterward. Many of our clients are happy to make this payment because it gives them direction on what the entire journey looks like and what to expect at every point in time.
Note that this payment (consultation fee) is not necessary if the information we have provided you with is sufficient to begin your application with our agency. Although the same money is refundable after our processing fee is paid.
Aside studying in France, we are still able to provide you with information relating to studying in Europe generally, Study In Europe with Post Study Work Opportunity, Study In Lithuania, Study In Germany, Study In Malta, Study In Belgium, Study In Austria, Study in Czech Republic, Study In Cyprus, Study In Luxembourg, Study In Netherlands, Study In Poland and Study In Latvia.
For further information, kindly reach us through our contact details here;
Plot 925, 13th Cavera Road, Beside MRS Filling Station, By 6th Avenue Road, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria.
Telephone: 08177619660/Whatsapp: 08060581501 (whatsapp only)

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