What is SAT?
The full meaning of SAT is “Scholastic Aptitude Test”. It is globally recognized as college admission test that lets you show colleges what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge. Almost all colleges and universities use the SAT to make admission decisions.
Taking the SAT is the first step in finding the right college for you. But SAT scores are just one of many factors that colleges consider when making their admission decisions. High school grades are also very important. In fact, the combination of high school grades and SAT scores is the best predictor of your academic success in college.

Who Administers The SAT?
The SAT is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and is developed, published, and scored by the College Board.

What About SAT I and SAT II?
The SAT I (General SAT) and SAT II (Subject SAT) Tests are a suite of tools designed to assess your academic readiness for college. These exams provide a path to opportunities, financial support and scholarships, in a way that’s fair to all students.

What does the SAT Test?
The SAT doesn’t test logic or abstract reasoning. It tests the skills you’re learning in school: Reading, Writing and Math. Your knowledge and skills in these subjects are important for success in college and throughout your life.
The New SAT Test
Beginning from March 2016, find out the kinds of questions you’ll see on the new SAT and what the test will measure. Where do you want to start?

  • Reading Test
  • Writing and Language Test
  • Math Test
  • SAT Essay
  • Key Content Changes

Compare SAT Specifications
Get an overview of how the new SAT differs from the one students took before March 2016. The first table compares the major features. The second table compares the number of items and testing times in each part.

Major Features Compared

Comparison of the Major Features: Pre-March-2016 SAT and New SAT

Category Pre-March-2016 SAT New SAT
Total Testing
3 hours and 45 minutes 3 hours (plus 50 minutes for the Essay [optional]
Components 1. Critical Reading
2. Writing
3. Mathematics
4. Essay
1.Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Reading Test
2.Writing and Language Test
4.Essay (optional)
1. Emphasis on general reasoning skills
2. Emphasis on vocabulary, often in limited contexts
3. Complex scoring (a point for a correct answer and a
deduction for an incorrect answer; blank responses have no impact on scores)
1. Focus on the knowledge, skills, and understandings that research has identified as most important for college and career readiness and success.
2. Greater emphasis on the meaning of words in extended contexts and on how word choice shapes meaning, tone, and impact.
3. Rights-only scoring (no penalty for guessing)
Essay 1. Required and given at the beginning of the SAT.
2. 25 minutes to write the essay.
3. Tests writing skill; students take a position on a presented issue.
1. Optional and given at the end of the SAT; post-secondary institutions determine whether they will require the Essay for admission.
2. 50 minutes to write the essay
3. Tests reading, analysis, and writing skills; students produce a written analysis of a provided source text
Score Reporting 1. Scale ranging from 600 to 2400
2. Scale ranging from 200 to 800 for Critical Reading; 200 to 800 for Mathematics; 200 to 800 for Writing
3. Essay results scaled to multiple-choice Writing
1. Scale ranging from 400 to 1600
2. Scale ranging from 200 to 800 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing; 200 to 800 for Math; 2 to 8 on each of three dimensions for Essay
3. Essay results reported separately
Subscore Reporting None Subscores for every test, providing added insight for students, parents, admission officers, educators, and counselors

Test Length and Timing Compared

Comparison of Test Length and Timing: Pre-March-2016 SAT and New SAT

Pre-March-2016 SAT New SAT
Component Time Allotted
Number of
Component Time Allotted
Number of
Critical Reading 70 67 Reading 65 52
Writing 60 49 Writing and Language 35 44
Essay 25 1 Essay (optional) 50 1
Mathematics 70 54 Math 80 58
Total 225 171 Total 180 (230 with Essay) 154 (155 with Essay)

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For further information regarding the SAT examination, visit: College Board for more information about the exam
Reporting The Score!
The College Board provides reporting the student’s SAT® Scores to a maximum of 4 Universities of his choice – the cost of this is built into the SAT® fees already paid. The candidate has to mention the Universities to which he desires sending his scores in the Application form. For reporting to each additional university, the College Board charges extra, payable by an international credit card or a dollar denominated draft.

When is the SAT® held?
SAT® is held 7 times in a year: January, March, May, June, October, November and December.

How can I do my best on the SAT?
The best way to get ready for the SAT is to take challenging courses, study hard, and read and write in and outside of the classroom. Studies suggest that cramming and short-term prep can’t substitute for hard work in school, but it’s certainly a good idea for you to become familiar and comfortable with the test format and question types.
Remember, a little practice goes a long way.

What is most important in College Admission?
The SAT is just one factor among many that colleges use to get to know you better. Other factors, like high school grades, extracurricular activities and personal recommendations may go a long way. Every college and university uses a different combination of criteria for admission. Feel free to reach out to the schools you’re interested in to understand their unique admission policies.

Which SAT Questions make it onto the Exam?
Every SAT question goes through a very careful review process before making it into your exam booklet. Each question that you see has been:
• Reviewed by a team of experts, including math and English teachers, to make sure that it reflects what most college-bound students are learning in school.
• Thoroughly tested to make sure that it is fair for students of all backgrounds and ethnicities.
Questions that don’t make it through these steps will never show up on an actual exam.

SAT Registration and Coaching Nigeria
SAT is conducted 7 times in a year from October to June in Nigeria. It does not have strict eligibility rules and any one can appear for it. You can take the test as many times as you want. You must get the SAT test registration done before the deadline date. Students must get SAT registration done as early as possible. However there are different deadlines for international SAT test registration and different for those who register in US. You have different options to register for SAT to choose from.

How Much Does It Cost To Register and Coach for SAT EXAM?
For registration and coaching fees kindly refer to our price list CONTACT US

How to Register?
Registration forms are available in our office; therefore hurry up and register now.
You can also download a paper version CLICK HERE or complete an online version of the registration form CLICK HERE
SAT Coaching/Preparation in Nigeria SAT Coaching/Preparation is a very important step of the planning required towards taking the SAT exam. Good SAT preparation forms a good back up to appear for the exam. SAT preparation does not only help you get a good score in the exam, but also gives you confidence to appear in it.
The SAT tests the student for his intelligence and knowledge acquired in the lower levels. And thus various Colleges, on the basis of their score in SAT, select the students. So it can be said that SAT is an exam, which enables the students to get admission in their desired course, and eventually sets the stage for a bright future. However, this is not a cakewalk and one has to put in hard work and burn the midnight oil to achieve success in SAT.
If you are interested, you should give time and hard work for SAT preparation.
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Preparation is required for any exam, but there is difference in the way you prepare for different exams. SAT preparation must be done according to the style of the test. You must know what is expected of you and then prepare. And for SAT preparation, you must start to study about 3 months in advance.
Before you start SAT preparation, you must be familiar with the pattern of the test. Only then can you get a clear idea about how to prepare. This will also help you avoid wasting time on useless things, as you will know what exactly can be asked.

Let us see every aspect on the SAT test and accordingly discuss the SAT preparation strategies.
At MEC we offer excellent coaching plans for our students, ranging from weekdays and weekend coaching. Our teachers will help simplify the entire exam for you within the shortest possible time so you can do well at the end.
to download the application form.
All completed forms must be accompanied with a bank payment teller, showing deposit of the appropriate fees (Exam registration, Coaching and Study materials) and should be scanned and emailed to us. Note that only signed forms will be processed.
Call a MEC Counselor on 08060581501 or 08055730374 to ask for our bank account details and the Counselor’s email.

Can MEC Register & Coach Students Who Are Not Residing In Lagos?
The answer is Yes. The only way we can assist you if you are outside Lagos is via Skype video call. After the exam registration by us, we will automatically create a skype ID for you, which will enable you attend all classes online at agreed time between you and your teachers. You will also need to buy our study materials/textbooks + CDs for easy follow up both during and after each class. When this is in place, you will be glad you ever dealt with us.

When to take the Test?
Most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year in high school. At least half of all students take the SAT twice — in the spring of their junior year and in the fall of their senior year. Most students also improve their score the second time around.
For the SAT Subject Tests, most students take them toward the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year. In general, you should take tests such as World History, Biology E/M, Chemistry or Physics as soon as possible after completing the course in the subject. Students tend to do better on other tests like languages after at least two years of study.

You can now Register for the SAT exam with us irrespective of your location in Nigeria and abroad.


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June 1st, 2019May 3rd, 2019  ACTIVEClick to Register
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SAT Photo Requirements
How to upload your registration photo
You must submit a photo with your registration for the SAT. The photo you provide will become part of your Admission Ticket. You will be asked to upload a digital photo during online registration. Your appearance in the photo must match how you will look on the day of the test or you will not be admitted to the test.
Choosing an Acceptable Photo
1. Your passport-type or wallet-sized photo (sized from 2 x 2 up to 2.5 x 3 inches) must be at least 640 x 480 pixels.
2. The photo must:
• Be properly focused
• Not have discernible pixels or be grainy
• Be correctly exposed (brightness and contrast)
• Be taken in full-face view, directly facing the camera
• Be clear enough so there is no doubt about your identity
• Not be too dark or too light, with no shadows or glare on your face
• Not show an outdated “look” for you (e.g., facial hair that you no longer have, a new and different hair length or color)
• Not show other people in addition to you
3. Your appearance in the photo must match how you will look on the day of the test.
4. Do not wear a hat or head covering that obscures the hair or hairline, unless worn daily for a religious purpose. Your full face must be visible, and any head covering must not cast any shadows on your face.
5. If you normally wear prescription glasses, a hearing device or similar articles, they may be worn for your photo.
6. Sunglasses or glare on eyeglasses is not acceptable in your photo. Glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses or by removing the glasses or by turning off the camera flash.
7. File format must in one of the following:
• .jpg
• .gif
• .png

How Long Does It Take to Get my SAT Scores?
It will take up to 3 weeks to view it on the web and close to a month to receive it as a mail.

How Many Years are the Sat Scores Valid?
It varies state by state but can be valid up to five (5) years before they expire.

To see answers to some of our Frequently Asked Question at MEC regarding SAT registration and coaching, kindly visit SATs FAQs