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In this era of technological advancement, whether you are interested in taking a career in Information Technology (IT) or not, the knowledge of IT is priceless regardless of your current field or that which you intend to engage in. Information Technology has come to stay in every sector of human endeavor (Business, Education, Political, Banking, Health, Legal Religious, Agriculture, Media, Science, Technology, Engineering and so), hence the motive behind the establishment of Computer Training Program at MEC.


We are out to teach the basics and nitty-gritty of the computer world. This century we recognize the use of computer in classroom or online teaching, and the need for having a solid foundation in IT; as such, our Computer program is geared towards literacy. We teach the basic courses; the rudiments that ensure a solid and firm understanding of IT and the world of Computer at large.

As simple and basic as the computer skill may seem, it will not be surprising to know that many people (even University Graduates) do not have it, so they pay exorbitant amount for the services of a professional to help them in handling computer related jobs. At MEC we ensure that all our students are free from basic computer illiteracy.


  1. Students at all educational levels (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions) are welcome.
  2. Students enrolling or preparing to take national and international exams.
  3. Graduates who are seeking employment into industries and other sectors.
  4. Businessmen and women who wants to boost sales and make their products unique in the market.
  5. Everyone who can not trust their expertise in handling basic computer issues.


After attending our Computer Training, you will gain mastery in the following areas:

The Use of Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power point

The Use of Computer hardware

Making use of the Mouse, Touchpad and the Keyboard. It really gets tasking at times scrolling between pages, highlighting folders, using shortcuts or more tasking is typing as low as 50 words per minute.

At the end of intense training here, you will learn how to:

  • Swiftly move the cursor on the screen with the mouse and keyboard
  • Type faster with the keyboard.
  • Tweak shortcuts and access items faster on the computer with confidence.

The use of Operating Systems

Either you wish to learn how to use Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s Mac OS X, consider the operating system as the interface for communication; it is therefore expedient that you master the use.

At the end of your course, you will learn:

  • How to effectively use explorer to search for files
  • How to run and close a program
  • How to hibernate, sleep, shutdown and restart a computer.

The use of Browsers to Surf the net

Not having a basic ability to surf the internet is really delimiting. In this age of information and with the advent of internet, there is an unending amount of information to get. It will be bad if you are not even able to use the internet to scavenge information, facts and figures relevant to you. You will learn how to:

  • Search for information on engines like Google, Wikipedia, and Yahoo.
  • Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers to source for information, access links from various websites.


We do not have a fixed program duration. It’s a flexible program, so everyone can decide the length of studies based on the importance of the program to them at that time.


Very simple.

Fill out your information on the GET IN TOUCH WITH US form below and we will give you a feedback within 24 hours. Know that classes are usually on one-on-one basis, so you can schedule and begin your classes anytime you are ready. You can call our team on 08177619660 or whatsapp 08060581501 to get information on Pricing/Tuition Fees.