Paying SEVIS Fee With Peace of Mind


We assist in making SEVIS fee payment with ease. You can take advantage of our flexible payment options depending on the urgency of your payment.


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Any gathering that will not require so much boisterous activity. Gatherings involving a Question and Answer and Interactive session is fine, but for events with the use of musical equipment won’t be accepted because it’s all within a work environment.

Our seminar room can accommodate up to 30 people at any given time.

There are no rules to using the seminar room except the fact that we do not accept carelessness with the resources you are provided with, no damage of property, no writing on the walls and other juvenile acts. All rooms will be carefully inspected before and after usage.        

Yes, we have standard rest room available to everyone coming for an event.

Not really but you are free to come in with yours. Although we strongly discourage the use of Hi – tech sound equipment to avoid much distractions on the work environment.  

As the information is stated on the seminar and Work station page, our services run on a pay as you use method and as such you have no need to fear because you will only be charged upon use.

It is located at 6th Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos. For direction and clarification; Call 08177619660 or 08055730374 or Whatsapp 08060581501.

There are PCs, Laptops and Smart phones fully connected to internet wifi and uninterrupted power points for electricity supply to aid communication.

The best benefit already offered is the flexible Pay as you Use services we administer; there is no guarantee that you will get such amazing offer elsewhere.

We offer amazing referral bonus for every referral made. Call 08177619660 or 08055730374 or Whatsapp 08060581501 to get more information.