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Cambridge IGCSE is an acronym for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is an English language based exam that test students on several subjects. It is reputable as the world’s number one international qualification for ages 14-16 and it is acceptable and recognized by top universities and employers across the globe.

The IGSCE is administered and developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations and it is recognized by institutions and employers in The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and The United States; amongst others.

The experience and accolade the Cambridge IGCSE offers is vital for your future endeavor. Apart from the fact that it’s a criterion for securing admission into top schools and that you get certificate from Cambridge; in addition, you get exposed to see learning in a more practical and exciting form and ultimately, enabling you to think critically and solving real life challenges effectively.

There is no specific criterion to take the IGCSE; however, there will be need to guide you through an intensive coaching on the rules to securing quality grades in the Cambridge IGCSE exams.

To be honest, the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is a bit irregular from the normal Nigeria curriculum. However, if you prepare well and enroll for MEC Cambridge IGCSE coaching, you will realize that the IGCSE curriculum is only a work over.

Of course we can. Just Call 08177619660 or 08055730374 or Whatsapp 08060581501 to get more information about the exact amount for the exam registration.

MEC offers intensive coaching on IGCSE at an affordable rate. You can also Call 08177619660 or 08055730374 or Whatsapp 08060581501 to get more information regarding our classes and the tuition fee per month.

Yes, MEC offers private coaching for Cambridge IGCSE. Although the Prices are not fixed. As a rule, we use several parameters to determine the cost of running a given private home lesson.  Parameters such as;

  • The class commencement and closing time per lesson day
  • The class location
  • The class duration per lesson day
  • The kind of subject to be taught
  • The number of lesson days per week
  • The number of person(s) to be taught

Any student who wants to succeed in any exam and attain good grades must begin preparation early. For the Cambridge IGCSE exams, we advise you to start preparing at least 1 year before taking the exam to avoid failure.

Our Tutors recognize the fact that education is more than just gathering information – it is about being able to apply it to challenges in the real world. At MEC, our Tutors understand the curriculum of the Cambridge IGCSE and focus keenly on: Treating core topics and schemes, Analyzing Past questions, setting a Pre – Cambridge IGCSE mock exams amongst others because we realize these are the keys to securing quality grades in the Cambridge IGCSE exam.

As soon as you are ready. Our Tutors are ever ready to discharge knowledge that will help you pass the exam anyday anytime.

The exams are administered twice a year; that is May/June and October/November.

Yes we can. The only way we can assist you if you are outside Lagos is via Skype video session. After the exam registration by us, we will automatically create a skype ID for you, which will enable you attend all classes online at agreed time between you and your teachers. You will also need to buy our study materials/textbooks + CDs for easy follow up both during and after each class. When this is in place, you will be glad you ever dealt with us.