What is NECO?
It is National Examinations Council.

NECO’s vision is to preparing and administering standard and credible nationally and internationally acceptable examinations, which can enable the Nigerian child further his education without let or hindrance. Its mission is to ensure that the examinations conducted by NECO are in conformity with the provisions, expectations and yearnings of the National Policy on Education and the National Curriculum.

One of the last acts of the Abdulsalami Abubakar military administration was the promulgation of a decree, in April 1999, that created the National Examinations Council (NECO). That act, however, was only the climax of a process whose beginning predated the administration. Although calls for the creation of a national examination outfit had been on for over two decades earlier, the birth of NECO was not spared controversy.
Its certificates enjoy international recognition. The greatest achievement of NECO is that it has provided gainful employment for over a thousand Nigerians.
The Council conducts national examinations in all member countries except Nigeria where it has shed all but one of its examinations, The National Examination Council (NECO) for school candidates in June/July and Private candidates in November/December each year.

How Much Does It Cost To Register and Coach for SSCE – NECO EXAM?
For registration and coaching fees kindly CONTACT US

How to Register?
Registration forms are available in our office; therefore hurry up and register now.
You can also download a paper version CLICK HERE or complete an online version of the registration form CLICK HERE

How Can I Attend SSCE – NECO Coaching?
At MEC we offer excellent coaching plans for our students, ranging from weekdays and weekend coaching. Our teachers will help simplify the entire exam for you within the shortest possible time so you can do well at the end.
CLICK HERE to download the application form.
All completed forms must be accompanied with a bank payment teller, showing deposit of the appropriate fees (Exam registration and or Coaching or both) and should be scanned and emailed to us. Note that only signed forms will be processed.
Call a MEC Counselor on 08060581501 or 08055730374 to ask for our bank account details and the Counselor’s email.

Can MEC Register & Coach Students Who Are Not Residing In Lagos?
The answer is Yes. The only way we can assist you if you are outside Lagos is via Skype video call. After the exam registration by us, we will automatically create a skype ID for you, which will enable you attend all classes online at agreed time between you and your teachers. You will also need to buy our study materials/textbooks + CDs for easy follow up both during and after each class. When this is in place, you will be glad you ever dealt with us.