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We assist in making SEVIS fee payment with ease. You can take advantage of our flexible payment options depending on the urgency of your payment.


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Our E-Resource Centre at MEC provides you access to a variety of electronic resources to enable you further your research, teaching or studies. With adequate electricity, fast internet services, and a designated serene environment equipped with electronic resources, you can surf the net at MEC. People tend to utilize this platform to move their career to the next level.

The word “E” signifies electronic or online. E – learning therefore is a platform that allows people to learn via the internet. Here, electronic devices such as PCs, laptops and smart phones are employed to make learning a reality.  

Who Can Enjoy This?

You can enjoy this service if:

  1. You are engaging in your thesis or research work. Our conducive learning environment will help bolster your productivity while you carry out your research.
  2. You are preparing for a seminar and you need to gather data or send multiple files and attachments.
  3. You need to make Video calls for interview session and you need that comely environment to prove credibility to your interviewers.
  4. You are an erudite person and you are really enthusiastic about learning
  5. You are student taking an online course but need a more conducive learning environment for taking classes.
  6. You are a student preparing for a professional exam and needs a quiet environment to study and prepare for exams.
  7. You are a student making registration and admission processing and you need professional guidance as you make submissions in an internet suited environment.
  8. You are a professional (Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Accountant, Educationist and so on), and needs a quiet environment to explore information relating to your field.
  9. You are somebody who needs to get certain information online that will help advance your career one way or another.

What Time Can I Access the e - Learning and Resource Centre?

The center is usually open from 8:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays. There is also provision for meetings on weekends and public holidays, provided we receive your booking at least 24hrs prior to the time of usage. 

Some Benefits Using MEC E – Learning/Resource Centre?

  • 100% power is guaranteed.
  • Affordability and reliability.
  • Stand-by generator to power A.C. 24/7.
  • Presence of Security operatives.
  • Serene environment; conducive for all kinds of meetings and learning.
  • Neat rest room with water supply.
  • Flexible payment system (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly e.t.c.).
  • Internet wifi available at no extra cost.
  • Unbeatable service delivery.
  • Access to some study materials depending on your line of research at no extra cost.


Kindly fill up the GET IN TOUCH WITH US form below and you will be contacted by one of our team members within 24 hours to assist you with relevant information that will enable you subscribe to this service. You can also call 08177619660 or whatsapp 08060581501 to get quick help.