Admission Processing

Our student applications are processed in a timely manner. However, processing time varies with schools; some foreign schools are able to turn around applications to offer letters within 24 hours while others can take a couple of days.
On the other hand most Nigerian institutions have different admission criteria such that admission processing time differs from one institution to another. The bottom line is that all our students end up with admission offers in good time.
All our overseas partner institutions are committed to providing first class treatment to our student applications without any delay; most students end up delaying themselves in the process especially when their admission offer come and they do not have their tuition deposit on ground. In any situation, MEC is always there to assist students accordingly. When admission is on the borderline we let the student know, although we do not have the right to issue admission offer; we however can counsel our students into the right course per time except when they fail to take heed to our advice. At MEC be rest assured that we are committed to helping you all the way.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary with countries. We have various lists of admission requirements depending on the country of your choice. You must therefore ensure to contact your counselor for an appropriate list.
See below to have a list of general admission requirements common to all countries.
If you have any query regarding admissions, do not hesitate to contact or call 08060581501 for quick help.

Admission requirements for local and foreign admission procurement