Private Home Coaching

Have you experienced difficulty grasping something in class or it really gets tasking for you to learn something with the masses because you have so many questions? Or perhaps you just like learning in your own ambience without distraction? Are you only available during weekends or odd hours? Do you want to set a personal and convenient time that works for you to enable you to comprehend faster?

Whatever preference you have, it isn’t a challenge for us at MEC because we recognize at MEC that people comprehend various notes and at different levels. It is based on this premise that we have helped thousands of people with various learning challenges to grasp any ideology faster. With our trained Tutors you have no cause to worry again.

We have been in the business of providing quality home coaching consistently for over seven years now and definitely, our Tutors know what it takes in administering classes no matter pace of the Learner.

How Do I Trust a MEC Tutor?

  1. Our Tutors at MEC are professionals; all of them are either Trained Educators by discipline or experienced teachers with not less than 5 years of notable work experience in their various fields.
  2. We have the finest Tutors that are well paid; hence this makes them committed to work, trustworthy and credible.
  3. Our tutors have helped not less than 1,000 persons on a one-on-one home coaching to get better scores/grades in school, to pass qualifying examinations, to pass aptitude tests both at the local and international level since the inception of our private home coaching program.

What Makes Our Private Home Coaching Unique?

At MEC, we recognize the need for a follow-up and the need to measure progress; and as such, we provide our clients with an assessment form once their classes commence so as to ensure a balanced relationship between the student and the assigned MEC Tutor. It also helps to foster understanding between the student or student’s sponsor and MEC as whole. The Evaluation/Assessment form is sometimes called Activity Sheet and explicitly notes key areas of interest and if there are any lapses in those areas. Where the student has a problem grasping any topic or subject matter, with the help of the Evaluation form the right action will be taken at MEC.

The Evaluation is basically assigned to check the level of progress made by the student and the assigned MEC Tutor. By this we are able to withdraw an existing teacher and introduce a more suitable teacher to match the student personality.                                                             

How To Apply For Private Home Coaching?

Very simple.

Fill out your information on the GET IN TOUCH WITH US form below and we will give you a feedback from us within 24 hours. Know that classes here are very flexible, so you are free to also let us know your best time as this will help us when replying you. You can call our team on 08177619660 or whatsapp 08060581501 to get information on Pricing/Tuition Fees.