Paying SEVIS Fee With Peace of Mind


We assist in making SEVIS fee payment with ease. You can take advantage of our flexible payment options depending on the urgency of your payment.


Kindly visit our SEVIS FEE PAGE for more details.




Call or Whatsapp 08060581501




Call or Whatsapp 0818 4228159


Our Tutors are available for you at any time that is fine by you, be it weekdays or weekends or both. Meanwhile, all classes must have been pre-arranged before they are attended to.

Yes, we have trained Tutors across Nigeria capable of taking any subject on any given discipline, be it for Local or International exams purpose.

The classes run in a flexible manner and you can always decide on a suitable time for yourself.

Prices are not fixed for our home lessons. As a rule, we use several parameters to determine the cost of running a given private home lesson.  Parameters such as;

  • The class commencement and closing time per lesson day
  • The class location
  • The class duration per lesson day
  • The kind of subject/program to be taught
  • The number of lesson days per week
  • The number of person(s) to be taught
  • Amongst others

There are no restrictions whatsoever in as much as the environment is conducive for learning, with a replication of an ideal classroom. 

Delivery is not an issue to panic about; your availability and readiness to learn are key issues. Our Tutors are always available and in good time, so you don’t have to nurse any fear of unavailability for a scheduled class. Once you have paid for a class, be rest assured the MEC Tutors will deliver beyond your expectations; so the ball remain in your court.

The availability of a MEC Tutor is absolutely on your terms. It is a flexible timing and absolutely works on any time perfect for you: considering your availability when you can grasp faster. Whatever criterion it is we are available to work with you according to your terms.

No need bothering yourself. All you need is to get through to our office by phone call on 08177619660, 07038285484 or whatsapp chat on 08060581501. You can even visit the office location directly to make one-on-one enquiry. As soon as we have received your payment for classes, a suitable MEC Tutor will be assigned to your location.

We only provide study materials within our reach at a small fee. However, we are not responsible for providing study materials for anyone. Students can make use of our study material at no fee.