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A scholarship is vital for you, no matter how buoyant you may be, securing or saving some extra bucks will be good for you. You can benefit from your erudite academic records or geographical consideration to cut some cost and secure admission to nice institutions.

The way out may be to opt for a scholarship. Not all schools will offer scholarship and if some may offer it might be a bit arduous task to secure the scholarship especially if you do not meet the basic requirements. So before you get your hopes high about any school whatsoever, you will do yourself a pleasure by researching about the school scrupulously to understand what kind of scholarship package they offer; since you can’t afford the tuition.

There are tons of scholarships that run through an academic session in a year. Either partial or fully funded scholarships; a majority of scholarships do well to cover only tuition. You are left to sort your accommodation personally. Scholarships also vary according to region and courses. Take for example countries with just developing economy are highly considered.

: Without mincing words, the plain truth is that scholarships aren’t so easy to secure, for once just consider the amount of students around the world and also the less privileged hoping to study so as to get their dream job. As a result, most times only the brightest and extremely privileged students get scholarships under the “merit-based list”. However, scholarships openings may also vary with schools but the commonest are based on prior academic performance while others may be on leadership experience, prospective major, career plans and even regional background.

 How do I qualify for scholarships?

MEC is not a regular school neither are we a body that offer scholarships; so your scholarship is only guaranteed when you meet certain requirement, and that varies across schools. Nonetheless, MEC is prompt at getting scholarships (once available) and making information available to prospective students who seek for it.

For your information, there are some things you should do to enhance your chances of consideration for scholarship. One is that you should try writing an engaging motivation letter explicitly stating your aspirations. Call 08177619660 or 08055730374 or Whatsapp 08060581501 for more information.

To know if you’re eligible for any scholarship before making an assumption, you have to meticulously read out every detail from the source. The criteria may be regional or grades; try and find out first. However, you will be asked to send certain information, you will do yourself good to get all these details ready beforehand. Typically, you will be asked to send a letter of recommendation, a transcript of grades, and an essay on an assigned topic.

We can’t dispute the fact that scholarships come but these scholarships come upon demand from our partner schools. To get information about scholarships, discounted tuitions, join our e-mail listing by subscribing below.

There is no general rule for this. However, basic things like reading out for certain requirements and sorting them out before deadline is imperative as it gives you more chances especially for the case of prompt delivery of required documents when requested.

There is no exact duration. It can only be determined by the scholarship provider. Some schools offer it on a first year basis why others offer on overall performance e.g. CGPA during an academic year and so on. 

There are tons of agencies that offer scholarships to international students.  Arguably, the commonest is the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, a body that uses certain criteria to offer International students scholarship to study in core European countries.