Our study rooms do not provide books on every genre. The books available for consultation are majorly on SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, JAMB, WASCE. Also available are dictionaries, encyclopedia, subject areas textbooks and a few motivational resources.

Our study rooms have a variety of chairs and tables. Available by the table side is a charging port and strong WIFI for you to access the web.

Our study rooms work best for you, if you love to study under pin-drop silence, there is a room suited for only you, if you can bear seeing faces or a little walk around, there are rooms available for numerous people at once, the choice is yours to make, just make your order, our counselors are available to send you pictures.

As an extra benefit for using our study room, you get the opportunity to purchase nice literatures from your favorite mentors and thought leaders.

We are unapologetic about the fact that we don’t want babies or children because of the undivided attention they need. Coming with your kids to study will definitely make you have a divided attention because you need to study and as well cater for your kid. We don’t tolerate noise so we will not advise that you come along with your kids when using our study room.

Once you pay your fee on our flexible pay as you use initiative, every other charge such as this, is sorted so you have nothing to worry about.

Entry to our study room runs typically on weekdays between the hours of 8am -5pm and might also be available during public holidays and weekends. You must Call 08177619660 or 08055730374 or Whatsapp 08060581501 to make booking/reservation before using our study rooms.  

You are not permitted to bring anyone along to come and enjoy this service. If need be that you come with someone else, entry into the study room is at a cost.

Yes we have good referral bonus scheme for all referrals made. You can Call 08177619660 or 08055730374 or Whatsapp 08060581501 to find out more information.

The study rooms are only available in our Festac office in Lagos.