You need a visa because it is the only endorsement you need to secure in order to live and study in a destination other than your country/region. Securing admission is important but without a visa, you cannot travel outside your country to study.

Today visa guidance is appropriate, considering the mass exodus of individuals to various countries in search of greener pasture. MEC is more than able to offer excellent visa advice/support when making visa application. We give first-hand information on visa requirements to a number of countries, particularly where our partner institutions are located.

We have the professional know – how. Since we are not the Visa Officer/Consular who makes visa decisions, we cannot guarantee you a visa under any condition. The best we can do is to provide you with valuable information out of our wealth of experience and if all things being equal you can be rest assured of getting your visa.

Yes we charge a token when compared to other agencies. Our level of professionalism can hardly be underscored, hence the charge to enjoy good services. During the visa application stage, we are committed to exposing our clients to important tips that will bring about success. Where interviews need to be conducted at the embassy, we usually take our clients through several pre-visa interviews in our office or via skype. That way you can be assured of gaining mastery and demonstrating high level confidence during the main interview session at the embassy.   

The charge varies with countries. We charge more to countries where the process is looking much cumbersome and less where visa application proceedings are somewhat straight forward.

You will take it in good fate. Just like we emphasized earlier, we are not the Visa Officer/Consular who makes visa decisions, we cannot guarantee you a visa under any condition. The best you can possibly do is to re-apply and that means you will pay us another fee for consultation; although certain considerations can be given in terms of amount to be paid. 

There is no refund of any sort if after using our services and your visa is denied. We aren’t responsible for the denial; but be rest assured if you painstakingly took note of all you were equipped with at the time of visa counseling and incorporate them the odds are not likely to come your way.

Visa nomenclature varies with countries. But if you are going to study in any country you will be issued a student visa. Before hand, you can ask us to be familiar with the types of visa you need, as this can influence the kind of job you get, duration you can stay and much more.

Our experience counts a lot. There is nothing as good as using an agent who can easily spot RED signals on visa applications before they are submitted. At MEC we do not adopt guess work or trial by error; we have the expertise required to turn the Trash in your visa application to abundant Treasures before the visa officers, thereby boosting your chances of securing a visa.

We are not limited to a particular country or group of countries; we are open to unlimited number of countries, most importantly where our partner institutions are situated. So, if you seek expert visa support to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Malta, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius, Netherlands, Poland e.t.c, consider MEC as your final bus stop. If you also seek visa support to countries outside the ones listed above you are free to contact us for help.

Yes of course. Distance is never a barrier. Just feel free to contact us either by phone call, email or whatsapp and you will be given all the helps you deserve. Usually for clients outside our hub station (Lagos), we most likely handle their counseling session via skype. We have recorded a huge success in this program and have at one time or the other renders this service to some clients outside the shore of Nigeria.

Yes we can. But the fact still remains that the student visa is our core area of interest. If you are applying for a visitor, work or other types of visas, feel free to contact us. We will advice you on whether or not we can be of help to you depending on your present circumstance.

We prefer you to contact us only during active working hours (8am – 4pm) daily. We can hardly help you with reasonable information when calling at odd hours of the day. We also do not work on weekends, so you don’t need to bother calling.

Very simple!

You can call 08177619660 or 08055730374

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