Visa Application

Student VISA Counseling and Application

It is our responsibility at MEC to ensure that all our students secure a study visa from various embassies. We understood that most students may be able to interpret admission requirements, but not very many can tell the exact visa requirements when it comes to making visa application. It is not because the students are too dull to comprehend the information, but because of the technicality involved in the process.

Visa consideration in most embassies today is done on case by case basis. Therefore at MEC, visa counseling has become a well-structured program to see to the success of our student visa applications.

We understood clearly that “No student visa = No study abroad”. It is on this note that we have over time taken all our students through rigorous visa counseling to ensure that the amount of time and effort spent in identifying the right course and location is not useless. MEC have dedicated experts in guiding you through the visa application processes to all countries where her partner schools are located.

MEC may however not be able to guarantee you a student visa; the best we can do is to give you all the required information and advice you properly on the documents needed while going to make visa application at the embassy. Therefore, if you are a credible student with genuine intentions to study abroad, your chances of achieving your goal is significantly higher as far as visa is concerned.

We offer Visa Counseling and Application to all countries where our students are studying. These countries include: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Malta, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius, Netherlands, Poland e.t.c.

We also offer Tourist/Business/Visitor’s Visa Counseling and Application to all the above named countries where necessary. In any case our clients must be genuine enough to provide us with all the required documents when making visa application.

Why Do Students Get Refused A Student Visa?

Generally, we must let you know that anyone can be refused a study visa, no matter their status or those of their sponsors. No embassy specializes in refusing visas if the applicants have adequately met all requirements. MEC over the years back got to know that students get refused visas for some of the following identified reasons;

  • Incomplete financial documents to prove their sponsor’s financial capability.
  • Poorly completed visa application forms.
  • Improper visa counseling prior to visa appointment/interview date.
  • Students not credible enough with their credentials.
  • Incomplete documentation when making visa application.
  • Insufficient funds in student’s or sponsor’s bank account.
  • Ignorance on the part of the students.
  • Mistake on the part of the embassy.

Not having the right information to answer some given questions when filling the visa application form
These reasons will go on and on again, as they are enormous.

How Can MEC Assist In The Visa Application Process?

We have assigned experts at MEC to handle all students’ visa application proceedure. Our experience so far on visa application allows us to;

  • Scrutinize students visa application documents properly and carefully (in most cases offer pre – visa application interviews) before going to some embassies.
  • Present the financial status of the student or sponsor in such a manner that is likely to give maximum confidence to the embassy that the funds are truly available for study purposes.
  • Giving detailed explanation on how to maximize your chances of obtaining the visa.
  • Teach students how to present their application in a favorable light to ensure visa success.
  • Study the travel or visa application history of the applicant, to enable us determine the actual pattern with which their application will be submitted.