There are so many benefits attached to studying abroad, a majority of international students aim to harness opportunities in their prospective schools after study, some to get a first-hand experience of a new culture, to attain a global mindset and most importantly boost your CV and better your chances for employment.

Deciding on where to study is sometimes a difficult task and certain conditions must be met before making it a reality. For instance tuition and cost of living. You should ensure that the cost of tuition at your choice institution suit your budget. Cost of living of course is another factor to consider. You wouldn’t want to go hungry all in the name of studying abroad so you must consider countries that have a reasonable cost of living that you can afford as a student. You should also consider career/job prospects after graduation amongst other things. If you need help regarding studying in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Malta, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius, Netherlands, Poland e.t.c. Call 08177619660 or 08055730374 or Whatsapp 08060581501 or visit our office for more information.

We have varieties. Programs ranging from Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and PhD, depending on your present qualification.

That’s not a problem. We partner with a number of institutions across the globe. As long as you have met our requirement and that of the institution, we will help you with all action plans regarding your admission processing.

MEC is not an Admission team of a university; so in as much as we can help, your admission’s fate is not determined by us; however, we do our best to ensuring that we provide prospective students with the best information on scholarship (if available), advise on institutions with moderate tuition that fits your financial budget. You can check our news page for more information as regards studying abroad program from time to time.

There are chances for you to secure jobs be it a mouth – watering income or something rational enough for you to live comfortably. Although, your grades or skills may be a criterion, securing a residence permit will be the next step.

The exact timing spent for studying abroad strictly depends on the program itself. Undergraduate degrees take a minimum of three years while Postgraduate degree will take a minimum of one year in some countries. Most Doctorate/PhD programs will take a minimum of three years.

Definitely, we have helped several students with application processing and a majority of them have secured admissions and now studying at their dream institutions.

Oh yes, there is the favoritism for people with foreign degrees to get jobs ahead of people with degrees from Nigerian institutions. However, securing a job has no definite pattern; a foreign degree may just foster your chances.

The best time to apply for study abroad programs is as soon as possible. We encourage students to always gather all relevant documents earlier and have everything in place so as to make the entire processing hitch-free.

Well if you find yourself in such shoes, worry not. All you need do is to complete our Online Enquiry Form with accurate information and allow us to get back to you within 24hrs on how to get started.

You can also send us email enquiries to and a Counselor will respond to your queries as soon as possible.