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EASING UP LOCK DOWN – We Will Be Back, But With A Difference

Dear Esteemed Clients,
We hope you are staying safe with your family and loved ones during this challenging season of human endeavor that has led to a total lock down of business activities in the last 5 weeks. No doubt it’s an unprecedented season for us since the history of our generation.  However, in the midst of this we are confident that everything will soon be over and we all shall continue to enjoy our lives again as usual.
Nevertheless, considering the present easing up of the lock down, we need to work together in order to make our return safe and worthwhile. As an organization, we put your safety first and would like you to collaborate with our team to ensure that we are all safe even as we begin rendering our services as expected.
We intend to reopen our office beginning from Monday – May 11, 2020 and operate officially for now between 9am to 3pm daily. Meanwhile, as you come into our office from this date, please we need you to observe the following;
  1. Use your face mask inside and around our office arena.
  2. Ensure your temperature is normal by carrying out personal check on yourself before visiting our office for any of our services.
  3. Use your hand gloves (if possible) when inside and around our office location.
  4. Use our hand sanitizer/soap and water provided at the entrance of our office. This should be used before entering any of our offices.
  5. Maintain social distancing at all times.
We believe adhering to the above rules will go a long way to curtail the spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID – 19). It is therefore important for us to work together in unity to ensure adequate personal protection at all times.
Please stay safe, and together we shall fight the virus out of existence.
Thank you for choosing our services.
Best wishes,
MEC Team.

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