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Studying In The UK – An Opportunity To Relocate Out Of Nigeria

Studying In The UK – An Opportunity To Relocate Out Of Nigeria

If your ultimate goal is to relocate abroad with your family, consider studying in the UK without hesitation.
There are so many reasons why the UK remains an outstanding study destination for those seeking immediate relocation with their family out of the shores of Nigeria. Below are some compelling reasons why you should take a bold step towards studying in the UK even in this unprecedented time.


Zero risk on visa fee if your visa application is professionally handled.
Student visas from Nigerians to most popular destinations such as USA, Canada and Australia in recent time have suffered some set back in form of visa refusals but the UK is granting student visas daily.

Travel History Not Needed

This is in contrast to many other popular destinations where there is a strong emphasis on how many countries one has travelled to before your visa will be granted. The UK is not interested in your previous travel history.

No Age Limit

Unlike many other countries that places age limit when applying for admission and/or student visa, the UK welcomes everyone irrespective of their age, provided they can account for their previous education/work activities.

Post Study Work Visa

Earn 2 years post study work visa after completing a Bachelor or Master degree or 3 year after completing a PhD.
This new graduate route is intended to integrate international students who have graduated from a UK university into the UK work force, just like every other attractive study destinations.

Family Reunion

If you are going to study at Master’s level and above in the UK, you are free to apply for your student visa alongside your spouse and all children under 18 years without any fear of visa refusal.

Student & Spouse Work Right

The student can work part time (20 hours per week) during school session and full time (up to 40 hours weekly) during school holidays while the spouse can work full time at any given time without restrictions whatsoever.

Very Low Tuition Deposit

Many UK institutions accept low tuition deposits ranging from £1,000 – £2,000 GBP prior to visa application, unlike Australian and Canadian institutions whose initial tuition deposits may be a lot higher. 

Travel To Other Countries

When studying in the UK, you can easily apply and get visas to other countries without passing through many hurdles. For example; that US, Canada or Australia visa you weren’t able to get while in Nigeria, you are sure of getting it simply because you now have a legal resident status in the UK. Many students tend to use this as avenue to relocate their family to other preferred countries without the fear of visa refusal.

And many more…………..

There is no better time to consider studying in the UK than now.

If you have decided to consider the UK for your study expedition, here are some affordable universities to consider under our agency network;

Middlesex University

Middlesex University has a strong reputation for research and is situated in a purpose-built campus with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. The University is a popular for students seeking IT-related courses; although the University also offers strong programmes in Business, Health, Engineering, Law, Education, Social Sciences and so on.
It is a very popular University for Nigerian students.
Tuition at Middlesex University is as low as £10,700 after scholarship is applied.
Initial tuition deposit as low as £1,000 pounds (less than N700k). The balance can be paid by installment while in school.

Teesside University

Teesside University is a public university located in Middlesbrough in the Northeast of England.
Ranked Top 10 in the UK for overall international student satisfaction.
Teesside University should be on your list of school choices for low tuition schools in the UK.
The University is a top destination for students interested in pursuing disciplines that span across Sports and Exercise, Forensic Science, Computer Gaming, Design and Animation and is accredited by several professional bodies.
As with all institutions in the UK, the tuition varies from course to course but you can find courses with tuition as low as £10,250 and a further International Scholarship worth up to £1,500 a year.

Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University is a public university located in Aberdeen in Scotland.
Ranked top in the UK for overall student satisfaction. Top university in Scotland and the UK at large for graduate employability. The university is ranked 1 in the UK for health related courses.
Over 300 courses available across several demanding disciplines cut across Sciences, Health, Engineering, Law, Business, IT, Management and so on. All courses are fully accredited by their professional regulatory bodies.
As with other UK institution, the tuition varies from course to course but you can find several courses with tuition as low as £10,500 per year after applying  a generous scholarship worth up to £2,000 yearly.

University of East Anglia

University of East Anglia is a public research university located in Norwich, England.
Ranked top 25 in the UK according to Times Higher Education ranking 2021. The university is a research – intensive institution recognized for the quality of its research. It’s ranked top 10 in the UK for the quality of its research outputs. The university is a global university, with over 3,500 international students, from over 100 countries around the world.
Over 283 undergraduate courses, 420 postgraduate and 212 doctoral courses available in several academic disciplines cut across Sciences, Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Education, Law, Business, IT, Management and so on. All courses are fully accredited.
Tuition fee varies from course to course but you can find several courses with tuition as low as £12,000 per year after applying  a generous scholarship worth up to £4,000 yearly.
Initial tuition deposit as low as £2,000 pounds (less than N1.3m). The balance can be paid by installment while in school.

University of Winchester

University of Winchester is a public research university based in the city of Winchester, Hampshire, England. Winchester is just one hour away from London, making it an ideal location for most international students.
The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate study in a range of subjects within the arts, humanities, health and social care, social sciences, business, law, sport and education.
The university welcomes students onto a range of programmes ranging from Foundation through Undergraduate and Postgraduate to Doctoral levels. The international students at the University of Winchester consistently tell how much they enjoy studying there and that the teaching style at Winchester allows them to realize their full potential and move on to make successful careers.
The university have established excellent connections with many leading local, national and international employers for part time, placement and graduate job opportunities which their graduates can take advantage of whilst they are studying and once they have graduated.
One year tuition fee for international students as low as £11,500.  

Coventry University

Ranking top 20 in the UK, Coventry is best known for its high-quality education. Students at the University enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and equipment across all the academic disciplines in the school including, design and engineering, health, laboratories, computing centres and performing art studios.
Coventry has achieved the highest rating possible for Teaching Excellence which is the TEF Gold Award and are known for their exceptional support services which focus on the future employability of their students. International students are not left out as they can be assured of several work-study opportunities as well as internships and placements to enhance their employability.
The most popular course offerings at the University are in Health and Nursing and tuition is at an average of £11,200.

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