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Austria is located in the centre of Europe, relatively small with population size of about 9 million and it is recorded as one of the richest countries in the world. It is recognized for its cultural heritages and vast contribution to the arts, these include architectural monuments like Saint Stephen`s Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, etc. It is home to the famous composer “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”, various world renowned choirs, orchestras, and a prime locale for various winter and water sports. The Official language in Austria is German while there are other minority languages like Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Roman. Austria by way of positioning share boundaries with Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. The climate is mild during summer with occasional heat and wet during winters with snow in some areas. The major currency in use is the Euro (EUR).

Benefits of Studying In Austria?

1. Austria is perfectly located for travel adventures around Europe.
2. Diverse range of study programmes.
3. English medium of studies available for some courses.

4. As a country, Austria is listed as one of 15 countries with the highest qualities of life worldwide.
5. Austria is a country of countless sports opportunities.
6. Pay very moderate TUITION fees (as low as €726.72 EUR per semester) for public institutions.

7. No German language skills are required, making Austria a fantastic place to boost your fluency through experiential learning.
8. Affordable living expenses; between €650 – €900 EURO monthly depending on your lifestyle and study location.
9. Cultures & traditions are alive throughout Austria.
10. Austria is an extremely safe country.
11. Students can work part – time when studying.
12. Privilege to learn a language (German) which can open many doors of opportunities in Europe

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines vary from one institution to another, so it will be a bit difficult for us to state a particularly deadline date until we are sure of the exact institution that matches your interest. Although, there are generally two main admission intakes yearly – SUMMER & WINTER. For now we are focusing on the Winter intake, which begins from late September every year.

Applications are currently on-going for those willing to commence their studies this winter.

We recommend that you contact us as quickly as possible to know the exact application deadline date with respect to your chosen institution.

How to Apply?

We are ever ready to assist you with your application, irrespective of your location in Nigeria and even overseas.

The first step is to pay our consultation fee of 10,000.

Without this payment we cannot share useful information with clients either on phone, email, whatsapp or in our office. During the consultation, you will be exposed to a detailed list of English taught programmes at various public institutions, including admission and visa requirements. Thereafter if you wish to use our agency for the admission and visa processing, you will be required to pay a non – refundable processing fee of 200,000. At least 100,000 should have been paid before submitting application documents to us and the balance payable upon receipt of admission offer. 

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