If you have received your form I – 20 to study in an accredited US institution, your next hurdle may be How to make SEVIS Payment. At the moment if you make this payment through us, you will enjoy  

Free US Visa counseling, application, appointment booking and up to date interview tips prior to your appointment/interview date. 
With our expertise you can be sure of proper guidance through the entire process without stress.
Although we may not be able to guarantee you a visa; the best we can do is to advice you properly on documents needed to attend the visa interview at the US embassy and how to confidently answer some technical/tricky questions during the interview session. 
If you are in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, we can assist in making your SEVIS payment in only few minutes at the cheapest possible rate ever. No need for worries; distance is not a barrier, we have enough proof to help quench your doubts. Before making any payment to us, feel free to ask for proof of up to 150 recent SEVIS payments we have made for our clients without hitches. You can also do well to confirm such payments from SEVIS I – 901 payment platform before using our service. 

How To Make SEVIS Payment Through MEC?
Click here  SEVIS FEE PAYMENT  to visit our SEVIS payment page so you can follow the six (6) simple steps.

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