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Earn Fat Income For Every of Your Referral

MEC launches a special referral scheme for everyone to tap into. Now you can earn extra income for every student you refer to our agency to study in one of our UK partner institutions this September 2021.

What Is The Referral Scheme About?

It’s a growth marketing strategy that seeks to encourage our existing and potential customers to recommend our Study In UK program to their friends, families, colleagues and close acquaintances. This is often called word-of-mouth marketing.

We understand that about 9 out of every 10 customers trust recommendations from their peers/people of their tribes. According to research, this figure is by far higher than that achieved by both modern and traditional advertising, hence the need for our referral scheme.

What Is Unique About The MEC Student Referral Scheme?

Unlike other referral schemes where only the Referrer earn reward for their commitment/loyalty; our referral scheme rewards both the Referrer and Referee accordingly. Whether or not you are willing to study in the UK this year, you can still earn side income from your referrals without stress.

If you are willing to make referrals, we are more than happy to guide your referred students through the entire process (admission procurement, visa support and settling down in school) within 60 days.

What Is The Referral Reward?

The big reward is £200 Pounds.

For Referrers:

You will earn a reward of £150 pounds (about N100,000 NGN) for every student referred and enrolled at any of our UK partner institutions.

For Referees:

You will earn a reward of £50 pounds (about N33,500 NGN) having enrolled in any of our UK partner institutions.

Who Can Subscribe To This Scheme?

  • All potential students seeking to study in any of our UK partner institution.

  • All students’ sponsors.

  • Private individuals and corporate organizations.

  • Religious organizations.

  • Community leaders.

  • Everyone that is reading this advert (no age limit).

Note: If you are a potential student who wishes to make self referral, you will still be eligible to earn the full £200 pounds.

How To Subscribe To The Scheme?

For Referrers:

As a Referrer, you are expected to fill up a one – time application form for every student you are referring to us to study in any of our UK partner institutions.

For Referees:

As a Referee, you are also expected to fill up a one – time application form indicating who your Referrer is and the name of our UK partner institution you will be attending.

You will not earn reward simply because you refer a potential student to our agency; you only earn if the student eventually secures a visa and enroll fully in school.

Start your referrals now

This offer is only valid for students resuming this September 2021 intake.

If you have more questions, feel free to relate back to us via Phone call on 08177619660 or whatsapp chats on 08060581501.

You can also visit our office to get more information.


Multinational Educational Consulting

Plot 925, 13th Cavera Road,

By 6th Avenue Road, Festac Town,

Lagos – Nigeria

This scheme is confirmed and certified to commence from

1st April, 2021 through 1st September, 2021.

Take advantage of this benefit today!

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