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We assist in making SEVIS fee payment with ease. You can take advantage of our flexible payment options depending on the urgency of your payment.


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What is This Training All About?
It is a one month program designed to meet the urgent need of students. Over time we have been able to identify the need for student’s preparation towards testing for both local and foreign exams. We are aware most students fail their exams because of lack of adequate preparation which usually result in lack of confidence when attempting exam questions. Our training at MEC does not only help you understand the scope of your exam but also help you gain enough confidence to undertake it to the point of attaining success.

What Makes Up An Intensive Training?
An intensive training is a group – like training where participants for any program such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE will not be less than five (5) persons, otherwise it becomes a normal training. At MEC you can be sure of receiving professional support so that the test experience is trouble – free. We guide you through the entire process from the beginning to the end.

Some Benefits

  • Access to internet for unlimited online practice.
  • Free audio CDs for practice.
  • Access to unlimited study materials/textbooks.
  • Conducive learning environment (with AC).
  • Small class size to allow for teacher/student interaction.
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers at work.
  • Discounted fees (both Training and Exam Registration) e.t.c.

Are considering taking any of these exams?

We REGISTER and COACH our students for it. We have dedicated teachers who are able to expose students to the secrets of these exams. Attend our next INTENSIVE TRAINING and gain confidence to take your next exam.

(NOVEMBER 2017 – JUNE 2018)

Note that training dates are subject to change, but with prior notice to all students.
Attend our training centre and obtain high scores that will guarantee easy admission/placement.
Call us now on 08060581501/08055730374 or whatsapp 08060581501 for more information on how to join our intensive training.
We are your direct pathway to quality education.